Build Your Brewery

Build Your Brewery


Why do you want to start a brewery? What is the concept for your beers or the unique DNA that distinguishes your brand as authentically your own? We will explore some of these topics over moderated beer more tastings and analysis of different brands. We will discuss some historical examples, identify winners and losers, and create a strategy for your brand moving forward. As a result of this process we will arrive at the very essence of your brews and it will lead us to a jumping off point for what equipment it will take to produce them. less


Sadly, gone are the days of brewers being visionary inventors and creating unique processes based on their core beliefs of how to make beer. We make more an effort to re-engage our clients to think outside of the box. The brewer’s process should be able to serve their vision for the brands they hope to create. We will methodically talk through each and every step of your production process and determine the best design of your equipment to realize your concept. We aim to make your production days efficient, consistent and ergonomic. We have a depth of experience in the latest brewing technologies and international brewing techniques that stem from an understanding of brewing history and practical experience. less


Once the brewery has found its location, we will delve into collaboration with your Architectural team and consultants on structure, design, engineering and other related professions for their input. From our more side, we will take the Process and Instrumentation Diagram that details your process and spin it into a detailed set of engineered drawings and instructions to be built. We will provide detailed specifications and equipment cut-sheets to support the various permitting requirements of your local municipality. less


We will take you through the entire process of bringing your project to life: from guiding you through attaining permits to being available on site to offer your contractors instructions and clarifications. Our scope more during this phase can be customized to suit your particular needs. It could entail full-time project management of the daily construction activities or it might be occasional site visits and observations. Contractors are no-nonsense type of folks and we’ve worked with some great teams around the world. Our best successes have been on projects that are well coordinated, over-explained and over-communicated. less


The equipment starts arriving at site and finally it feels like things are coming together. Finally after all those long months of fund-raising, preparing drawings, getting your permits…the project finally starts to take shape. Every day there is equipment being more delivered at site and during this phase we are virtually living in the brewery putting the pieces together. If we’ve done our job well, the installation of the brewery equipment comes together seamlessly. Once the tradesmen complete their final duties, we begin to commission the system and go live. This process ends by verifying everything is in good working order and the trials batches that we brew conform to the specifications we created at the onset of our process. less


We now refer back to the original vision for the brewery and those key elements of concept and identity that are essential to forming the brand. Now we have to set you up with a method for keeping perfect more detailed records. We have to instill a discipline for immaculate cleaning skills and finally, show you the tools that will enable you to successfully run this operation. We use an approach that hinges on critical thinking, common sense and problem solving. We are available to follow up and check in on you over the first few months of life and help address any questions or issues that inevitably arise during the early days. less



Our extensive experience in building breweries from the ground up has led us to becoming one of the most knowledgeable and focused brewery consultants around the globe today.